The North Gauteng High Court ruling today, temporarily lifting the X-rating of the film,Inxeba, is a step in the right direction.

The DA welcomes that the parties involved were able to reach an agreement and agree that the X-rating be lifted.

This ruling means that the film can now temporarily be screened in public cinemas across the country with an 18 SNL rating, pending the outcome of review proceedings before the Court.

It is a disgrace that the matter had to go to court in the first place.

Today’s ruling is a serious indictment of the FPB’s Appeal Tribunal who buckled under pressure from patriarchs with outdated ideas on masculinity, tradition and sexuality. Theirs should be to always side with the law and uphold our hard-won Constitutional rights.

The DA looks forward and will observe proceedings of the hearing, which is set to be heard ‪on 28 March, and expects nothing less than a 16 age restriction and that the Appeal Tribunal decision be declared unconstitutional.

The DA commends the producers of the film on their bravery and continued fight against the X-rating and encourage them to continue to fight for their constitutional right to artistic freedom and freedom of expression

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