KPMG is one of five multinationals, which have been tainted by their association with the Gupta family. Yesterday the software company SAP admitted it had paid R128-million to companies associated with the Guptas in order to win big government contracts. Three executives of the South African office had been axed and the company had reported itself to the US Department of Justice.

KPMG is also facing a lawsuit by South African Revenue Service (SARS) staff who lost their jobs after an investigation into an alleged rogue unit was used as part of the arsenal to purge them by the SARS commissioner Tom Moyane.

KPMG has subsequently recanted the report and returned R23-million it received as fees to the tax authority but the SARS executives including former deputy commissioner Ivan Pillay have still not got their jobs back.

If the eight KPMG executives axed by the professional services firm for tax professional standards are now found guilty by SAICA, they could lose their licence to practice. This is a severe sanction.

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