The disagreement between both countries may have escalated after the exchange against South Africa’s representative Lindiwe Sisulu.

A Rwandan newspaper has allegedly called Minister Lindiwe Sisulu a prostitute.

The International Relations minister was criticised by Rwandans on social media after meeting an exiled critic of President Paul Kagame.

Sisulu told a press conference last month that she had met Rwanda’s former army chief, General Nyamwasa, in Johannesburg.

Rushyashya, a pro-government Rwandan website run mainly by the country’s military intelligence personnel, called international relationship Lindiwe Sisulu a “prostitute”, amid a diplomatic breakdown following her decision to meet with a former Rwandan army chief who has been exiled and is critical of current president Paul Kagame.

This triggered a diplomatic row between the countries.

She said she was surprised to hear that Nyamwasa was willing to negotiate a reconciliation deal with the Rwandan government.

A senior Rwandan official, Olivier Nduhungirehe, responded by tweeting that any South African officials wishing ‘to negotiate with a convicted criminal’ should not involve Rwanda in the negotiation.

South Africa’s High Commissioner in Kigali, George Twala, has been recalled to Pretoria for consultations.