The former South Africa president Jacob Zuma is having a more complicated problem with the recent disclosure of how he funded his massive Nkandla home stead, even when it was clear his R2.87m a year salary alone could not afford the edifice.

Also Zuma’s family running cost is high, indicating that his income could never have been sufficient for such luxury.

Documents has emerged showing that the VBS Mutual Bank gifted former president Jacob Zuma an R8.5m bond which he could not afford, and at least nine months before any documents were signed to give the bank security over the loan.

The erstwhile leader used the VBS bond in September 2016 to pay back a portion of public funds used for “security upgrades” to his Nkandla homestead after he was ordered to do so by the Constitutional Court.

However, the said mortgage facility given to Zuma has been described as a “sham transaction” in court papers before the Supreme Court of Appeal. The papers highlighted that Zuma only signed documents giving VBS security over the bond some nine months after the money was paid.

The VBS allegation could further increase the already existing corruption scandal piling up against the former leader.