According Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe Land Expropriation Without Compensation is not a policy to drive whites to the sea.

He said this while speaking as a panellists to discuss the African National Congress’ adopted policy to expropriate land without compensation in Illovo on Tuesday.

He added that people saying what happened in Zimbabwe will likely happen here are just not getting it because Zimbabwe rushed the whole process;

“Later on they attached extension officers to a group of small farmers of the five-hectare households, much later. That was trying to transform what was the land redistribution, almost described as land grabs into a productive programme.”

“We should understand the fears of those who sit on the land when we speak of land expropriation without compensation. It is not a policy to drive whites to the sea.”

Mantashe did acknowledge that some white farmers have become “greedy” with the land. He said some just buy more land the second it becomes available.

“When a person is greedy and takes every piece of land for himself, that person should be the first for expropriation because he doesn’t need land.”