The twin children of Malaysian actress Eina Azman and her successful businessman husband Datin Paduka Abdullah, got what not many toddlers their age would receive for a birthday present.

Little Arianna Aubrey and Karl Kareef, who turned 2 on Monday, were each gifted a Rolex watch with a price tag that amounted collectively to nearly US$10,200 (R116,000)

In an InstaStory video shared on her private Instagram account on Monday, Eina, 22, and her husband, who she married in 2014, were seen in a Rolex boutique in Penang.

The 32-second video saw her choosing two luxury timepieces, one with a blue dial and another with a pink one.

Eina, whose full name is Ainur Syakina Azman, said:

“A blue one for Karl and a pink one for Aubrey. So these are presents for Aubrey and Karl. Beautiful. Anything with bling?”