Following the “great heist” some illegal beneficiaries have conceded their role and offered to refund the money.

But politicians who were implicated are feigning innocence and putting out statements after statement in a bid to get away with their wrong doing.

At the moment, the VhaVenda King Toni Mphephu who was implicated has offered to pay back any money shown to have been illegal proceeds from the VBS Mutual Bank scandal.

The king is said to have received R17-million from the bank.

Forensic investigator Advocate Terry Motau has recommended that those involved be criminally charged.

More citizens are demanding that justice must be served and all those who were implicated face th full wrath of the law.

A social commentator Banzi Ndlovu has stated emphatically that justice must be served and the poor people whose monies were looted are fed up with the continuing release of public statements, rather than return the looted funds.