EFF Julius Malema is attending the opening ceremony of the first ordinary session of the fifth Parliament in kigali Rwanda.

Malema explaining to the media the importance of this session of the fifth Parliament. Also commenting on President Kagame’s address and what needs to be done to eradicate corruption in Africa. He says we need a judicial body in the continent.

Malema who spoke about how Africa can kill corruption in an interview also endorsed single African currency ‘under one leadership’ when asked on how to grow the economy.

The EFF leader expressed his support for a single  judicial body that would act against corruption in Africa because that would send the message that corruption doesn’t pay.

“Many corrupt individuals on the continent go unpunished and, as a result, people think that corruption pays.”


Malema visits Kigali for African Parliament to advocate for one leadership and one judiciary in the African continent

Posted by News360 on Monday, October 22, 2018

He blamed corruption for being at the core of African underdevelopment.

Although Malema was generally supportive of free trade agreements in Africa, he said it was understandable that countries would be wary of implementing such reforms. He pointed to the fact that some countries might attempt to abuse such freedom to fraudulently market products from outside Africa, particularly from China, as those they had produced themselves.

Despite this, he said, “I see that many are beginning to change heart and sign, seeing that this would be good for the continent.”