It has been alleged that obsession with the land has gotten a firm grip of Malema, hence making him instigate  racial conflict through his persistent vitriolic attacks of White South Africans.

Controversial leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters EFF Julius Malema has been roundly accused by Patrick Sekgala of having a racism sickness and it’s no longer a joke.

First he gloated about the fact that Chief Justice Raymond Zondo appointed a white senior council to work with other two black advocates on the State Capture enquiry has roughed up Malema the wrong way. For lack of what to say, he is now complaining about a white senior council supervising two black advocates.

As a national lawmaker and leader of the second largest opposition in the Country, Malema  spoke about land invasion of any beautiful land in sight on the floor of  parliament.

What manner of a man who makes laws for a country would initiate such reckless statement, now he is overwhelmed with the land question, deluding many that the land will end poverty rather that education and transparent leadership that is generally the panacea in the 21st century.

Malema should be checked so he doesn’t set this beautiful country on fire with his land obsession. Why the crass obsession with the land which his own tribe occupied by chasing away the original owners the Khoi and the Sans. Why aren’t they making as much noise as the combative Malema.