resident Cyril Ramaphosa decides to increase child grant to R5000.. Women will rape us – Julius Malema warns.

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter Julius Malema was Speaking in Pretoria, where he warned South Africa’s new president to not increase child support grant. According to him:

“If Ramaphosa decides to increase child grant to R5000… Women will rape us”

Malema noted that  young girls in South Africa fall pregnant on purpose knowing that if the do, they will be rewarded for it.

“You find a girl who is less than twenty years old having more than four children, how many will she have by the time she turns 30? Are we in a competition or something here?”

“Child support grant is at the moment less than four hundred Rands and people are already going crazy. What will happen if it is added or increased to R5000?” Malema said.