Rupert obliged an interview with PowerFM, the  billionaire took part in an expository debate on Tuesday evening, which has led to some people – including the EFF – accusing him of ignorance.

The EFF statement was Issued through an official communication, the opposition party  branded Rupert as an “arrogant, white Afrikaner” and called him “the ultimate face of white privilege”.

Rupert discussed how to properly look after your money once you’ve earned it. The conversation turned towards spending habits, which prompted the following response from the businessman:

Rupert also made reference to the opposition he’s faced from the EFF. The billionaire has often been labelled as “an architect of white monopoly capital“, and was prepared to confront the party about their opinions. However, he also stoked the fires of contention with this one.

Rupert made a subtle dig at the red berets, doubting whether socialism has ever worked since the beginning of democracy. He also had a sly shot at the political discourse of the country, airing out those who choose “to shout instead of talk”.