A group of ANC and South African Communist Party members have vowed not to leave the Union Buildings until President Jacob Zuma resigns.

During a joint media conference in Pretoria on Sunday‚ ANC Gauteng member Hangwi Maumela announced a “national shutdown” for Monday and encouraged all South Africans not to go to work in solidarity. “We are not going to leave the Union Buildings‚ by the way‚ until he (Zuma) resigns‚” Maumela said.

He announced that the group would march to the Union Buildings on Monday. The march would start at Burgers Park in Pretoria at 8am.

“Do not go to work tomorrow … Whether you are a police [officer]‚ whether you are a nurse‚ whether you are a doctor‚ whether you are a security guard‚ whether you are a garden boy‚ whether you work at a border gate‚ do not go to work.”

Maumela said they would not “be defeated by a group of thugs‚ [a] group of tsotsis‚ [a] group of people whose intention is to corrupt this organisation (ANC)”.

Maumela said they supported the ANC and that Zuma was their only enemy.

“We will root out that enemy. If it means we go to the office and remove him‚ we will do that.”

Maumela called on Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to ask Zuma to step down and not “treat him better than anyone else”.

“We know that Comrade Jacob Zuma is not alone. There are people who are really pushing him to do those kinds of things that are happening to make him not resign.”

He added that Zuma alone was powerless without the support of several ministers. He singled out Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini and Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane.

“We have realised that Comrade Jacob Zuma has been idolised by other people. He is a god of some people‚ so we can’t have a god of Jacob Zuma.”

Meanwhile the ANC Johannesburg regional spokesperson Jolidee Matongo distanced the party from Maumela and the shutdown.

“We don’t know them. They are not sanctioned by the ANC structures.”

He said they have to verify if they are indeed ANC members and asked anyone with more information to contact the party. If they are party members‚ a disciplinary process could be instituted against them which could lead to their expulsion.