Reports emanating from the media today, stated that Orlando Pirates start player have been arrested by SA police for raping 15 years old girl.

The mother of a 15-year-old girl that was raped by Pirates star player is doing everything she can to put an unnamed Orlando Pirates footballer in jail for raping her daughter

She’s gone to the very top and implored police minister, Bheki Cele to help her cause.

This week’s Sunday World revealed that the Pirates player in question is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl while her mother was asleep in the same house. It is also alleged that the player’s girlfriend was sleeping in the same building. The alleged sexual assault is said to have taken place at the end of March 2018.

The woman at the forefront of this story is hiding her identity in order to protect her daughter’s but she is working tirelessly to see justice served. Her first point of action was to open a case against the footballer at the Olievenhoutbosch Police Station shortly after the incident.

However, a lack of action from the local police has left her frustrated

She said to Sunday World: “They [police] took my child for medical tests but I was not happy with certain questions they asked her. I think I failed my daughter, I should have been there to protect her,”

Thankfully, her daughter has received both medical and psychological counseling. However, the teenager is reluctant to press charges, leaving her mother in an emotional bind:

“I had to take her to a psychologist for counselling. I asked her to press a sexual harassment case against him but she was not willing to do so and the psychologist implored me to not force her to do so. Now this. He had no right to rape my daughter and I want him to rot in jail for this”

Sunday World also included excerpts from the victim’s affidavit which unveil the events that went down on the 30th of March. The details are unnerving, to say the least.

The 15-year-old wrote about how the Pirates player (and his girlfriend) coerced her into massaging his “sore back” during the party.

“At first I was hesitant because he tried to kiss me the previous time we had a family lunch. So, touching him gave me a feeling of discomfort and struck me with fear but, because I didn’t want to tell them about it, because my mom knew already, I just massaged him anyway.”

However, once night fell, things took a gruesome turn when the same footballer decided to have his way with the underage girl.

“I was in a light sleep when I felt someone move onto my mattress. I woke and realised it was [name withheld]… He then started touching my breasts and I tried to push his hands off me but my hands couldn’t lift them.

“He pulled my pyjama shorts with my underwear and slipped his hand under my neck to my mouth to cover it,”


However, the arrested Pirates player who is allegedly to be a suspect have revealed what prompted him to do that, According to him, he said its the handwork of the devil.

The police is said to have been covering the identity of the player stating that it would tarnish his Image and his football carrier.

The suspected player would be appearing in court in no distant time.