Kaizer Chiefs’ football manager, Bobby Motaung says that one of the reasons why the club has made changes to their technical team is because of the supporters.

He further said that the club welcomes all the negativity received after the appointment of the club’s new head coach.

The Chiefs supporters have been very vocal about their feelings following the appointment of Ernst Middendorp at the helm of Amakhosi, with most of the fanbase not too happy about the club’s decision.

Speaking to the media today, Motaung admitted that no matter who he appoints at the helm of the team, be it Jose Mourinho or Sir Alex Ferguson, there will always be negativity, however, the club welcomes the different opinions from the public.


“Anything we do, anything we announce, you find two sides of the story, there’s positivity and there’s negativity, it depends which side I must follow,” Motaung said.

“I focus more on the positives. (But) we expect negativity, which puts us in line with what we want to achieve. Even if I bring (Jose) Mourinho, I’ll get negativity, if I bring Sir Alex and he’s old, there’ll be criticism.

“We welcome all the negativity, like the coach says, the results will show,” he revealed.

Motaung then went on to add why the club saw it fit to bring Middendorp back to Naturena after parting ways with the head coach in 2007.

“For us, we (were) more comfortable bringing Ernst because we’ve got experience with him, we know his pedigree and his work ethic and we’ve never parted ways in a way that we could not talk, we have been communicating. This is our policy not to fight with our coaches but to part ways amicably when things are not working out.

“He is back home now, even the issues of the past, our supporters are forgiving and they love the club, the past is gone,” he added.

Middendorp, who parted ways with Chiefs in 2007, admitted that this time around, the supporters have the right to be selfish when it comes to the team getting the results.

“I think that the supporters should be selfish, (they) want results, you go to wherever here in Johannesburg, I experienced it in the last two, three days, it is understandable but you want results,” Middendorp told the media during Chiefs’ press conference today.

“If the results are there and coming, I can definitely promise from my side to really make it happen, to prepare the team that they are able to perform and perform to their maximum,” he said.

The club’s football manager, Motaung then went on to add that Chiefs respect the supporters and they are one of the reasons why the club has made so changes to their head coach position.

“Also as a club, we do respect the supporters that’s why these changes are being done sometimes, they are made because to satisfy the supporters.

“It is the team that they love and (as) the coach says, it is about results.

“You see, now the challenge of changing a coach again, it is because of them (the supporters) as well. They are part of the puzzle. Like the coach says, the supporters have the right to be selfish,” Motaung told the media.