Baberwa FC chairman Joe Seanego has warned Lerato Chabangu to come back to training next week or face the consequences.

The 33-year-old troubled player is believed to have gone back to his old ways again as he last reported for training before the end of last season.

Seanego says he has tried to show his love for ‘All you need is Love’ but now the player must decide what he wants in life.

“Chabangu is not back yet,” Seanego tells

“This boy gives me a problem you know. He is not back yet, I’m told he is coming back. But today I tried to call him and he didn’t pick up his phone. But I will find him. I sent someone to go look for him and find out what’s happening, but his mother said she had sent him somewhere.

“If he doesn’t show up by next week Friday then I’m throwing in the towel. Remember that in the ABC we don’t have contracts, but we told him he can stay here no matter how long, as long as he wants.”

Asked if the former Mamelodi Sundowns star was still going to receive his salaries despite being AWOL, Seanego said: “Obviously not. I’m not going to pay him because he is not coming to work. He is off-duty. I’m only gonna pay him if he’s coming back. I will send someone again to look for him. You see now it’s like I’m forcing him now. But I’m gonna push him for the last hurdle if he doesn’t come back it means I have failed.”

Asked for an update on the two trialists Clifford Mulenga and Tsietsi Mahoa, the Baberwa boss assured this website that the two veterans will definitely be signed by the ABC Motsepe League club.

“The likes of Mulenga are still pushing, but they will sign. I will tell you when they do. But they are definitely signing.”