Former Kaizer Chiefs assistant coach, Farouk Khan has revealed his stand on Kaizer Chiefs recent woes and the possible solutions.


Farouk Khan stated this during a media Chat with SL media, According to the former, coach, he stated that there is no need of changing the coach when the players are still in chiefs.


“If you change the driver, you need to make sure that the car is in very good running condition. With all due respect, Kaizer Chiefs need a huge overhaul, in as far as the team is concerned. Pirates and Sundowns have done the same exercise; you can never underestimate the importance of change. We need to change the way we look at technical teams,” Khan told the media.


The Media spoke to Khan, whether a local or a foreign coach will be best suitable to take over the reins at the Soweto giants.


“Well the first thing they must consider is the fact that the club has gone through a traumatic period, having not won any silverware for that period, the demands become quite extreme as for who you employ. So the guy you bring in obviously is going to be under tremendous pressure to get results in the short term,” he said.


“When you are involved with a club like Kaizer Chiefs, there is never a period where you can say that you are building or you developing, those words don’t exist in clubs like that, there you have to hit the ground running.

“Therefore the coach you get firstly must have an understanding of South African players because our players are completely different to players that you find in Africa, let alone the world as a whole. So, the mentality is different, the way you motivate them is different. So, I would say, a South African coach,” he added.