As the club prepares to play again in front of their fans in Durban, Chiefs spokesperson Vina Maphosa says the club was working behind the scenes to prevent violence at stadiums.


“The part of hooliganism is work in progress. Different games, different emotions. We are watching that space all the time and it’s continuous activity to educate our fans,” said Maphosa.


“We are taking this as a hump that we are going through. We’re obviously disappointed but not discouraged. We will continue working hard to ensure that there is peace and love at the stadium.”


The club’s spin doctor stated that their good relationship with the city was still intact.


“The engagement with the city through the stadium is a professional one and these issues happen as part of the risk of the agreement.


“Although you don’t expect things like these to happen in sport, you don’t discount them from happening. However, our relationship continues.”