Tension in the Cape Town university   as a Nigerian beautiful girl allegedly sue the General known as Teko Modise to court for indirectly damaging her womb because o countless abortion she was forced to do for he player in past years.


According to the girl who spoke to the media today, she stated that the footballer got her pregnant countless times and made her to forcefully remove the pregnancy through all kinds methods that  are not medically wise.


” I know this may sound so untrue but the fact is that I can’t continue living a life of pain when the person that inflicted the pain on me is actually enjoying his love life with another girl, Teko destroyed my life and i must get justice for making me loss my womb all in the name of doing countless abortion for him in the past. I have come to realize that it time for him to pay for what he did to me, I cant even go home (Nigeria) because am ashamed of what life would be like knowing that i can never have a children or a child of my own all because i was thinking Teko loves me and would stick by me for the rest of my life” She said.


When asked why he waited so long before seeking for justice, She said I felt Teko will still come back to her, but with the look of things, he is gone and now my eyes have open and its time to get him pay.