In an unexpected come back, former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma was issued a stern warning to the voters, about their future and destiny.

Zuma said on Friday if South Africans do not vote for the ruling African National Congress (ANC), the country will be taken away from the people after his party fought so much for freedom.

Zuma was addressing hundreds of ANC supporters and community members at the Pinetown bus terminal and taxi rank, where he was leading an early morning voter-registration awareness and campaigning for the ANC in the upcoming May 2019 general elections.

“We are here to remind everybody that next year there is an election. The vote is the one that gives the ANC power to govern the country, to govern because it fought for it, and to protect it from damage because the ANC is the one that fought for this country,” Zuma said.

“Everybody must vote for the ANC. If you do not do that this country will be taken away by other people. Our power is the vote.”