The DA condemns the latest wave of land invasions that took place in Alexandra, Johannesburg, over the weekend. See pictures herehere and here.

We call for swift action to be taken against those individuals who are responsible for inciting the invasions.

EFF members and councillors have reportedly been calling on the people of Alex to invade land in the area. They have been encouraging people to break the law, in order to meet their own narrow political agenda. This proves just how reckless the EFF is.

The EFF wants the state to own land, not the people. They are merely using the people of Alex as a means to realise this goal.

Over the weekend, Alex residents were encouraged to meet at the corner of Northview road and Marlboro drive, prior to an attempted land invasion. People arrived with shovels, wood and some other materials, seemingly to build structures on the land, once it had been occupied.

While we remain concerned that invasions are becoming more prevalent, the DA welcomes the strong JMPD and SAPS presence at the scene, which served as a deterrent for the illegal action.

This is one of a number such instances that has occurred in our city and in our province. It’s time for the EFF’s special treatment to come to an end. No one is above the law and these individuals and EFF representatives are encouraging South Africans to break the law and they must be brought to book for it.

DA believes in land redistribution and restitution. We do not support land invasion, nor do we support land expropriation without compensation because it will lead to the state owning all land and the people being only tenants on the land.

The DA wants South Africans to own land, not to rent it from a government that has proven itself to be corrupt and incapable of serving its people.