President Ramaphosa and his deputy David Mabuza has urged those who left the party to return back so they can build a better South Africa.

“We would love to have Julius Malema back in the ANC. He is still ANC down‚ deep in his heart‚” Ramaphosa said.

“The ANC is the home of many political parties that splintered out of it and we would like to build unity amongst all our people.”

“I have always been open to receiving back those who have left and formed new parties.

“They are in our palm and all we need to do is to close our hand and all the metros are back under the African National Congress’s control.” He said

Mabuza said earlier on Sunday he had a “special space in my heart” for Malema.

“We had times together. He knows. When he was in the ANC‚ I supported him to be the president of the Youth League and I remember comrade Julius saying‚ ‘My blood is black‚ green and gold. I will never leave the ANC’.”

Mabuza added: “I feel the ANC has lost in comrade Julius. The ANC will be better off with him inside the fold‚ so I am going to do my best to request him to reconsider coming back home.”