The premier of Gauteng David Makhura has warned that the ANC stands to be removed from power if it fails to punish those responsible for bad governance in the municipalities it leads.

While speaking in Boksburg on Monday, during the ANC’s local government summit; the summit’s aim was to look into the state of governance and socioeconomic challenges facing municipalities in the province.

The premier critisized some of the ANC led municipalities for continuing to tarnish the ANC’s image through bad conduct by leaders, which he said could see the governing party losing power if culprits were not punished. He said “We have to confront the reality that poor performance must be punishable, and corruption and mismanagement must lead to consequences. “It’s very hard to campaign for elections, as we have seen, so we can’t allow people to mess up the image of our organisation. It’s the ANC that will face the consequences because the people are very unforgiving.”

Makhura did not fail to throw shades at the mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba and his administration, accusing them of deliberately snubbing the provincial administration on issues of co-operative governance. the premier revealed that his new MECs had been visiting municipalities to assist them in boosting service delivery initiatives, but said some municipalities refused to co-operate. He said  “One thing we cannot have is ANC municipalities not prepared to co-operate with us because there are already municipalities not working with the provincial government simply because it’s an ANC-led government.”  He added that while DA-led Tshwane worked well with the provincial government, Mashaba’s administration was snubbing his MECs.

The premier said the increasing population size made it difficult for poor municipalities to perform their constitutional obligations of servicing people efficiently. He said “We’re now 15.7 million people in the province. There’s no space in Gauteng where the number of people is growing – either two or three times what we were in 1994.” He also noted that West Rand district municipalities had been ravaged by poor delivery because of their deteriorating economic base without provincial intervention they will not pull forward on their own.
He also noted that all Gauteng’s six local municipalities are located in the two districts and as such, they must stimulate the economy of these districts because this is where the highest number of poor people live.

Sounding a Warning to the ANC, Makhura said “If we are divided we will divide South Africa, and we are going to be sidetracked from the challenges faced by our people.”