The second most largest opposition say her leader Julius Malema is a target for assasination by right wing forces.

The Economic Freedom Fighters EFF have raised alarm of the plot to assassinate the party leader.

EFF Statement on the Assassination Threat on the CIC @Julius_S_M

The EFF issued a perplexing reaction to the controversy that followed SONA on Thursday night, claiming they reacted physically to Parliament security staff because they believed “there was a planned assassination attempt” on leader Julius Malema.

It was also revealed that top aggrieved members of the party are not happy with the way  Malema is handling the affairs of the party.

Malema is accused of misappropriation of fund as well as other defaults

.Some said he is running the party like a family business, thereby they are no longer happy with him.

Some are of the view that he should be replaced before the election.

It was also said he is becoming “bossy” and he lies a lot.