We are delighted that over the past week, Day Zero has been pushed back by another month to 9 July 2018 – from 4 June. The reduced consumption that continues to be sustained by Capetonians is the primary reason that we are able to celebrate this achievement this week.

While we have not yet reached the target of 450 megalitres per day, we have together brought down our daily usage by 3 megalitres which is an encouraging step in the right direction. Over the past week, consumption has averaged 523 ML per day.

We must all continue to use under 50L per day so that Day Zero can be pushed even further back and it can be defeated altogether.

It is this commitment and resilience that will enable us to together defeat Day Zero this year.

I would like to sincerely thank the private water transfer providers from Groenland, whose water transfer has significantly helped to push back Day Zero this week. I am enormously grateful for their commitment to the people of the Western Cape. They have joined many businesses, as well the agricultural sector, in making a huge effort to cut consumption and Defeat Day Zero.

Congratulations and thank you to all the Day Zero heroes for your selfless efforts to defeat Day Zero.