South African citizens must not expect much from the STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS (SONA).

Firstly National Freedom Party (NFP) wish to urge South African citizens not to expect much from the State of the Nation Address (SONA) tonight. Primarily because the state of the nation address will be repetition and recycling of the previous unmet promises.

We have realized that the state of the nation address (SONA) has become more of a fashion show more than addressing the real issues affecting the poor and the majority of people who are unemployed, suffering on the ground and in rural areas. The tradition of wearing expensive clothes bought by taxpayers money will be the order of the day.

More promises will be made because it is an election year, there is no practicality as to how these promises will be implemented. It would be worth informing unemployed youth as to how far is the government on 275 000 jobs promised during the unnecessary Job Summit.

‘’We demand action than promises, we have heard enough of promises and well-drafted speeches, it is action can rescue South Africa now’’ says Sabelo Sigudu.

NFP want the President of South Africa Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa to commit on fighting decisively corruption starting from clearing up his name and the tainted image of the country on Bosasa scandals and looting.

NFP want the President to commit on the practical implementation of the declared Free Education in all tertiary institutions in South Africa, as Universities are burning we need an urgent solution to the demands of students.

Lastly, we need to hear from the president when is the date for the final amendment of section 25 of the constitution on Land and when date he sign this amendment it into law.

Issued by National Freedom Party (NFP)

NFP Head of Communications

Sabelo Sigudu