Malema’s hate speech against fellow humans is the end of his credibility in the political arena.

If black South Africa allow Malema’s vitriol to gain momentum in extreme corners, it will speed up economic disaster in South Africa, as businesses and investors, and many disillusioned people from all facets of life will sadly flee with their hopes & dreams to a more stable environment.

The world will be quick to scorn the tip of Africa should our fellow Africans not act fast to muzzle this depraved and twisted man.

Should Malema be allowed to wallow unfettered in his wretchedness, luring the gullible into his web, our dreams of a new South Africa will vanish in the blink of an eye, confining those left to a twighlight-zone of desperate human struggle and survival.

Where is the economic freedom in the hate & vitriol Malema is stirring? How is fear-mongering & hate going to build factories, and attract new investors, and educate our people?

Our people need to send a strong message to this savage, that his values are not in the same hemisphere as the average sensible black man.

For those educated blacks with well rounded perspective, we can only hope that Malema’s ulterior motives are recognized in the near future.

He is clearly on a quest to create pure anarchy and chaos. Africa is for Africans, and he sure ain’t one of us!

Menzi Solomon Shange