The last has not been heard after the exit of Patricia De Lille out of the DA party.

“I’ve got news for them. Next week I am serving summons on four (DA) members of Parliament,” said De Lille.

“For the past two years, it’s been very tough for me I had to endure a vile and relentless dirty tricks campaign to get rid of me as the mayor of Cape Town,” she said.

“I’ve spent my whole life building a society that is just and fair. I fought against the apartheid regime and the ANC and their corruption. So the attack on my character by the DA was deliberate. In the DA they borrow deeply from apartheid era tricks. They have never changed.”

She added: “During all of this fight, the DA offered me a seat in Parliament. The DA offered me a seat as a minister in the provincial cabinet. They offered me to become their premier candidate.

“Would you offer positions to a corrupt person? Of course not. So that shows you that they are liars.”