Prior to President Zuma’s resignation as President of South Africa which paved the way for his Deputy Cyril Ramaphosa to become the new President, South Africans have been calling on his name to come change the country and its dying economy.

Even the opposition parties welcomed him very well during the last SONA. However that seems to have changed all of a sudden after the appointment of some cabinet members and his new deputy. The new President has come under fire from the opposition leaders and party members.

Just yesterday leader of the DA, Mmusi Maimane while speaking to party members in Mpumalanga opened up about how he really felt;

“I must confess, I did not expect to need to start this address in this way. Two weeks ago our country was jubilant. We were all rightly celebrating the political demise of a terrible, abusive and corrupt President”. He said

“We all stood ready to extend the hand of friendship and co-operation to the new President, in the spirit of a loyal opposition who wants truly what is best for our country”. He continued

“I stand by the words I offered to President Ramaphosa during the State of the Nation Debate: Where he acts in the interest of our country and its people, I will work with him. The DA will work with him”.

“But this must surely go down in history as one of the shortest honeymoons ever. The intoxicating effects of Ramaphoria are wearing off just as quickly as they appeared”.

“For not even two weeks have passed, and already his ascent to power is revealing the President’s character”.

“In two weeks, he has appointed DD Mabuza, a man everyone in this hall is familiar with, as the Deputy President. He has kept a rump of corrupt, captured ministers in his cabinet”.