President Mnangagwa has shared his views from his years of experience with expropriation of land without compensation.

Mnangagwa said if there is any chance South Africans can listen to his advice he have only four words. “DO NOT DO IT”.

“I actually thought that South Africa had learned from us, Zimbabwe is a small country and have some of the most hardworking and very educated people, we had all the land and millions of people were starving for years, South Africa managed to welcome million of Zimbabwean because they have food security thanks to white farmers, we destroyed our own. Some things need to be left just the way they are. Stop listening to greedy politicians who won’t starve either way it goes”

“Everybody think taking land will make them rich or that everyone will own a farm….Not everyone is cut out for farming and not anyone can be a commercial farmer. What’s the use of having 20 million subsistence farmers and starve every time a crop is out of season”

“I’m saying this because I am trying to revive my Zimbabwe and I don’t want South Africa to be the next Zimbabwe”