The fierce exchanges could degeeerate into a serious  lawsuit, after the seemingly aggrieved Mashele labelled the Economic Freedom Fighter EFF as the most corrupt party in the country.

The EFF is apparently offended by the accusation, after  Mashele called them corrupt and said they want to promote corruption – However, Mashele thinks it’s funny that he’s being sued The EFF want the political analyst Prince Mashele to apologise to them and Julius Malema, or pay him them each R500 000.

This comes after Mashele called the party corrupt and said that their aim is to promote corruption.

Mashele thinks the lawsuit is a huge joke.

Mashele told the EFF’s lawyer, Thabo Kwinana, that it’s hilarious that a political analyst is being sued for a political opinion. He likened it to suing a lawyer for making a legal observation.

Surely your clients must be tickled by this mirthful picture! However, it seems the economic fighters are dead serious. Perhaps it has something to do with the upcoming elections of 2019. Kwinana said Mashele is entitled to his opinion, but should be sure it is an informed opinion based on facts.

It is not clear whether the summation is drawn from the VBS scandal in which some EFF members were linked.