Malema says VBS loot accusation is an attempt by whites to scuttle his presidential bid

Malema said the media’s bias was part of a bid to have current president of both the country and the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa, “win at all costs” when the country goes to the general elections next year.

“They say the president knew about VBS and already the embedded journalists are on his defence.
After City Press said Ramaphosa knew, then people wanted evidence but there was no request for evidence when the DP (Shivambu) and the EFF were accused in Daily Maverick,” he remarked.

Shivambu himself echoed those sentiments, challenging the Daily Maverick to produce evidence and describing the claims as “pure insanity”.

“The misleading information which Daily Maverick has, it’s deliberate. It’s part of the whole propaganda machinery to do all of those things,” said Shivambu.

Contrary to Malema’s narrative, Scorpio’s investigation found that the EFF received over R1.8-million in illicit VBS funds flowing through two fronts. An additional R430,000 was also paid in three tranches towards a luxury Sandown property where Malema used to stay since as early as 2012 – a property which has recently ostensibly been bought by and registered under the EFF’s name.