Following the alleged direct links to Malema regarding the VBS looting, Julius  malema has claimed that his party was being linked to the looting of VBS Mutual Bank to discredit it ahead of next year’s elections.

Yesterday, Malema received inputs from thousands of workers in the security sector in Pretoria which he said will form part of the party’s manifesto for the 2019 general elections.

Malema accused VBS investigators of seeking to link his party to the bank’s collapse.

“Let me tell why they are accusing the EFF of eating VBS money. They are trying to silence us. The EFF is the one that confronts white corruption in South Africa. They are trying to silence the EFF through concocted allegations of corruption, which are nonexistent,” Malema said.

“There were four ministers who had bonds with VBS but when they investigated they said shift this because we want EFF. We’ve got the transcript of the interview when they were investigating VBS. Every person who was interviewed was asked ‘did you give money to Malema, did you give EFF money? That investigation was about EFF but it was never called [to answer].”

Malema maintained his ground that himself and his party can not be roped into a scandal that they had no idea about.