The EFF joined the DA in a coalition after the elections, giving the DA more power.

Malema said the EFF would endorse an ANC mayor in the metro if it presented a credible candidate.

“The DA has given us something credible, but the issue is that their political posture is problematic and does not speak to the aspirations of the EFF.

“They are against expropriation without compensation and our supporters keep asking us why we encourage them to vote for those people when they don’t want to stand with us on matters of principle.”

Malema said the EFF targeted Nelson Mandela Bay – one of the three metros they co-govern with the DA – because Trollip was the their coalition partner’s favourite mayor.

“They [the DA] negotiated strongly for Trollip [to lead]. He is their favourite mayor because of the colour of his skin. It doesn’t matter how good [Johannesburg mayor Herman] Mashaba or [Tshwane mayor] Solly Msimanga are.

“This is the right place to hit. When we hit them there, they will realise that we are not clowning around.”

Malema said his party had not asked for positions, tenders or employment for friends in any of the municipalities they ran with the DA.

As next year’s general elections draw closer, Malema did not rule out the possibility of teaming up with the ANC to form a coalition government.

Malema said the governing party now met all of the demands given to it during the coalition talks that followed the 2016 local government elections.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says that, although President Cyril Ramaphosa remains the architect of the Marikana massacre, the party will no longer use that label to describe him because South Africans have chosen to give the new president a chance to lead.

“The fact that he refers to the massacre as the Marikana tragedy proves he is still in denial,” Malema noted.

In 2015, Malema was kicked out of Parliament for calling Ramaphosa a murderer.

The EFF’s commander in chief said his party would give Ramaphosa a chance, even though he was already showing signs that he was no different to former president Jacob Zuma.

 “The consensus among South Africans seems to be that Ramaphosa should be given the chance to prove us wrong,” Malema said.

“We are giving Ramaphosa the opportunity to prove he can be better than the delinquent who led before him. But he keeps on showing he is the same as his predecessor. Ramaphosa’s Cabinet is Zuma’s Cabinet. He promised to reduce the size of government departments, but now he is making excuses.