Embattled and disgraced Premier Supra Mahumapelo can still do the honourable thing and resign before he faces the Motion of No Confidence against him tomorrowTuesday 17 April 2018.

It is time the Gupta-Premier steps down for the sake of the people of the North West you need total change.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in North West will support the Motion of No Confidence as he is clearly not fit to lead this Province.

While Supra’s removal as Premier will not fix the problems faced by the province and the people, it is a step in the right direction. Ultimately, it’s up to the people bring about total change come 2019.

The people have no faith or trust in his ability nor his integrity to give the people of North West the opportunities to grow, develop and break the cycle of poverty.

If he really cares about the North West he will leave office today. Some of the scandals during his time in office include:

• The monument in honour of Jacob Zuma – a broken man who now faces corruption charges;
• Tenders to the Guptas worth millions while the people of North West suffer without basics like water and electricity;
• His open affiliation and proud friendship with the Guptas who is accused of State Capture;
• His disrespect for the Parliament of South Africa – swearing at opposition party members;
• The Premier flatly refuses to share the damning forensic reports that have been commissioned by his office, pertaining to provincial departments, provincial entities, municipalities, and municipal entities;
• Supra’s Youth Entrepreneurship Services (YES) Programme, which is supposed to address one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the country, has allocated the bulk of the Grant to Ngaka Modiri Molema (R2 019 875) and Bojanala Platinum (R1 752 000) municipalities, coincidentally areas where Supra’s personal support base is strongest;
• Hospitals and clinics are understaffed and without resources. There are no proper patient transport systems in place;
• Towns and cities are falling apart due to no maintenance due to corrupt spending by government;
• Our communities and schools are subjected to bucket toilets and pit toilets still – 24 years into our democracy; and
• His open incitement to violence and race division during the Coligny protests.

We have dubbed him the Premier of Empty Promises. He sells false hope and his schemes and plans don’t contribute to empower and uplift communities.

The people of this province have no faith or trust in his ability or integrity to give the people of North West the opportunities to grow, develop and break the cycle of poverty.

The ANC in the North West Province’s reluctance to listen to the people again emphasizes the fact that they will rather put their support behind the Premier than those who are in dire need of medicine, care and education.

Mahumapelo is sometimes referred to as the Black Jesus of North West – a man that is put on a pedestal by his corrupt cadres to the detriment of the people he is supposed to serve.

It will be a disgrace if the Premier survives this MONC – especially when you look at his track record of serious allegations of corruption, tender irregularities, crime and state capture. Recently the Hawks has raided his office after other multi-million Rand irregularities were reported.

The removal of Mahumapelo is only the start. The North West needs total change and a new government led by the DA, which will always put the people first. 2019 presents an opportunity for the people of the North West to chart a new path free from the ANC and corruption.