The perception of corruption in South Africa has worsened over the past two decades according to a surevey published by the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR).

The report reveals that South Africa’s ranking on the Corruption Perceptions Index dropped from 21 to 64 between 1995 and 2016.

Gushwell Brooks, standing in for Karima Brown, spoke to Crime Analyst at the IRR Kerwin Lebone, to unpack the data.

Lebone says former President Jacob Zuma and some government officials may have influenced the perceptions of analysts.

“In South Africa we became aware of these issues because they were committed by people in high positions, it was government people and the president who was supposed to be an example to all citizens of the country that may have informed the perceptions of analysts who were involved.”

“We need any kind of investment that we can get in the country and perception scores as low as ours chases investors away.”