According to the former Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula who has been demoted to chair the ANC 2019 elections from Lithuli house. He revealed that he kind of saw it coming;

“What happened with me was less dramatic than other people. I was called in on Sunday. The president asked me with the officials. He asked me to head elections. I appreciated. You guys, the media, will get it and say Mbalula has been dropped. We have a new path to go to Luthuli House and run the ANC the election campaign,” said Mbalula.

He also talked about his time as the sports minister;

“I think I did what I could in term of sport because I adapted to the environment.

“The environment of sport and recreation is where you are dealing with young people, and with what society likes.

“When you are running short of words with your girlfriend, the best thing you can talk about is sport, Chiefs and Pirates, there goes the lovely argument. You are dealing with stuff that is loved by the people and I did my ability – yes somebody says I was not serious – but I looked at it and I tried to kill perception because I was trained in this thing, of marketing and all of that; I killed it by dealing with Instagram.

“When I got to the police I shut this thing down and that’s what I did.