Minister of public enterprise Pravin Gordhan has disclosed to the Zondo commission how former president Jacob Zuma introduced him to Ajay  Gupta  as a friend.

Mr Gordhan said Zuma introduced Gupta as a friend and someone with experience in finance. This meeting allegedly took place during Gordhan’s first terms as finance minister between 2009 and 2014.

Pleasantries were exchanged but Gupta did not stay in the meeting and later left.

Gordhan said he fought off attempts for a meeting by one of the Gupta brothers. He admits to only meeting the infamous brothers at government events and during a meeting with an Indian businessman.

According to the minister, that meeting was said to have been organised by one of the Gupta brothers who insisted that Gordhan’s chief of staff at the time should arrange it.

EFF has therefore stated that Gordhan was not being honest about the fact that the suspicious activities by Guptas and their attempts to capture the state started during his tenure as finance minister.

“It is becoming evident that virtually everyone who served in strategic positions in Zuma’s Cabinet since 2009 were in the pockets and under the micromanagement of the Guptas and this includes Gordhan,” said the party in a statement on Wednesday night.