According to DA’s Shadow Minister of communication Phumzile Van Damme. She said that most of the things you see people writing on Twitter are not entirely how they feel. She said this while responding to a Tweet about race.

“Don’t take the racial polarization on Twitter as indicative of how most SAns think & feel. Research & polls have shown time & time again that most just want to get on with life, aren’t racist, and want to work together with all races for a better SA”. She Twitted

Someone also said that “It is most natural, every race supports the interests of their race first. Self preservation things”. The MP responded with the below Tweet, saying that South Africans knows whats good for them and that the reason why those parties that practice racism remain at under 10%

“You won’t see that on front pages because it doesn’t support the narrative that there is some sort of race war in SA. Politicians bankrupt of morality & ideas will of course seek to divide & conquer to exploit. SAns see through this &that’s why those parties will remain below 10%”.

The question now is, as a reader how do you feel ?