The outspoken DA member took to her social media account earlier today to announce her resignation from her role.

“It is true; I have resigned as DA national spokesperson. I remain a member of the party, an MP and the shadow minister of communications. I love the DA, and am committed to building a better future for South Africa with a party I love,” Van Damme tweeted.

“There will no doubt be lots of speculation. I would very much love to excluded from narratives that paint me as a poor woman who was bullied by men as if often the narrative of women in the DA. That’s not who I am, and not what happened.

“I will be focusing on other pursuits. I am a newly wed and would to start a family (no I’m not pregnant). I’ve registered for a part-time long distance Masters [programme]. I want more balance in my life, focusing on fixing the country, as well as me.”