The Democratic Alliance welcomes the arrests of 15 individuals allegedly involved in the issuing of fraudulent learner licenses at the uMgeni licensing office in Howiick.

The arrests form part of a joint sting by law enforcement agencies which took place earlier this week and which saw five officials, two traffic officers, nine learners and a cleaner taken into custody.

These arrests were long overdue. The DA has consistently raised the issue of wide-spread corruption at KZN’s testing centres. Such activities have horrific consequences with illegally acquired drivers’ licenses being a significant contributing factor in the high crash rates in the province.

The issue of corruption at Motor Licensing Bureaus and Testing Stations is also not confined to the Howick station, it is endemic at most stations in our province. Nor is corruption restricted to stations alone, it is also practiced by some RTI officials during law enforcement operations on our roads.

It is critical that anti-corruption vigilance be exercised on a sustainable basis if KZN is to win the war against corruption within its Transport Department.

The DA will continue to raise these and other concerns through the various channels available to us in order to weed out the corruption so prevalent within the system.