The DA welcomes the charges of fraud, corruption, theft and money laundering that were laid against former Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) MEC and convenor of the interim ANC KwaZulu-Natal leadership, Mike Mabuyakhulu.

In 2011, Mabuyakhulu appeared on charges of corruption that were later mysteriously withdrawn. The DA welcomes these fresh charges and believe that it is high time that this senior ANC leader is taken to task.

The DA however notes the timing of these charges, and the fact that the ANC has no interest in fighting corruption but settling old scores.

Mabuyakhulu is not the first ANC politician to be arrested this year, and one cannot help but shake your head in disbelief at the regular basis that ANC politicians in South Africa are embroiled in criminal activities.

The DA believes that especially these charges against Mabuyakhulu once again shows that the ANC is rotten to the core and that it is truly incapable of change and self-correction, no matter who is at the helm. The DA believes that those implicated in corruption must be brought to book no matter their factional preferences.

The ANC of Jacob Zuma is the ANC of Cyril Ramaphosa, where corruption comes first and the people come last.

The people of South Africa deserve better. They deserve a new beginning that only the DA can provide.