The controversial leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter has hinted all South Africans of a full scale radical revolution in the country if land is not returned to the rightful owners who were hitherto dispossessed.


Malema who has conspicously been at the center of the media in recent month for his radical stance on land expropriation without compensation, warned that he is ready to pay any price to liberated his oppressed black followers.

Despite various calls from different quarters that Malema’s indiscretion with inciting and volatile utterances is tantamount to treasonable felony, the CIC seem unperturbed in his approach to sensitive national issues.

Some patriots have maintained that the EFF leader is adopting the draconian mantra of Hugo Chaves, Adolf Hitler.

Malema is now posturing as  a reckless politician trading in racial hatred and threats of violence; he is the populist leader of a militaristic, proto-fascist party with less than 10 percent proven voter support, yet he is the tail wagging the national dog.

The EFF is currently following exactly the same programmes as Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe: divide the country between an evil elite and an oppressed majority; poke a finger in every wound of history; and make promises of wealth, power and fulfilment that are totally impossible to keep, regardless of the consequences once people realise this.

I think it goes without saying that the EFF would not even have reached one percent of the vote with its militaristic and militant style of politics if South Africa had made enough progress with economic empowerment and education and the eradication of racism, inequality, poverty and unemployment since 1994.

Malema appears to be drawing momentum and strength from the current national government, after Ramaphosa indicated in a speech that the ANC would be pleased to have Malema back to the fold.

The government must desist from handling the unlawful threats by Malema with kid gloves and assert it’s authority to secure the peace and security of the nation, as Malema’s unguarded actions is speedily threatening the very foundation of national cohesion and stability. If the government remains silent then it can be seen as an accomplice in all of this.