The ANC-led government is to be blamed for its corruption and for failing in its plan to support businesses and attract investors so as to boost the Gauteng economy.

Gauteng’s micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs) are struggling to survive and to sustain their production.

During my Listening Tour to companies in Germiston and Soweto yesterday, l was disheartened to discover that there is uncertainty for both the employers and workers as the country is facing an economic recession.

These companies are being negatively impacted by cheap imports from other countries, and as a result are forced to shut down production, as they cannot compete on an equal footing.

Dita Products which specialises in plastic injection moulding is one of the companies we visited in Devland, Soweto. This company is fully furnished with adequate equipment that is not used due to a lack of job contracts. This company has retrenched workers and has reduced its staff from 75 to 20 employees. Workers also expressed concern over their long term job security if production plants are not going to recover.

Crime is also a serious challenge, companies are vandalised, broken into and their goods are stolen which affects their productivity.

The employees are not safe, they are attacked and robbed of their belongings on their way to and from work in the morning and evening.

Transport costs are expensive with the rise in petrol prices; workers have to walk to and from work in an unsafe environment.

There is severe lack of adequate service delivery at the clinics and hospitals, the workers are forced to take a half day or day off from work to send their children to the hospitals due to the long queues.

It is now clear that the failing ANC has run out of plans to get the Gauteng economy back on its feet.

The failing ANC has failed to protect and invest in South African companies.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is paying lip service with his economic stimulus package as part of the ANC’s electioneering process. It will never address the economic challenges that are facing Gauteng.

Gauteng residents and companies are in dire of need of Change that can attract investors and ensure that businesses strive, the DA is the only party that can bring that needed change. We are committed to creating employment opportunities for all South Africans, fight corruption and ensure access to job opportunities for all.