Speaking on Monday afternoon at the Vaal University of Technology in Gauteng, EFF leader Julius Malema was in full campaigning mode ahead of students’ representative council (SRC) elections on the campus.

He denied that it was even necessary for him to campaign, though, because EFF members in the SRC had already proven what they could do through their track record.

“A rich white person in South Africa is a poor white person in Europe. That is why they will not leave South Africa. They are so used to privilege, and where they come from there is no privilege, so they won’t leave.”

“The DA says you vote for us because of alcohol – because that is white people think of us … that we are only good for alcohol and sex. When they say this they mean you are black and you cannot think,” he began. “They say the EFF thrives on the back of illiterate youth but you cannot find illiterate youth in institutions of higher learning. You can only find young intelligentsia.”

He took credit for having pushed for the announcement of free higher education last year.

“We said the workers should be insourced because by so doing you ensure that their children have access to education.

“Do not vote for a sinking ship. Vote for the EFF because we want to make this place a better place and demonstrate through VUT that even an institution that is made of black students can be excellent.