Former President Jacob Zuma has been ordered to foot his own legal bill and pay back the state funds he used to fight all his civil and criminal cases in the past 10 years. The judgment was handed down in Pretoria on Thursday morning. It holds Zuma liable to pay legal fees to the value of R15- to R32-million.

“It is declared that the state is not liable for the legal costs incurred by Mr Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma in his personal capacity in criminal prosecutions instituted against him in any civil litigation related or incidental thereto and for any other associated legal costs,” EWN reported Judge Aubrey Ledwaba as saying.

The State Attorney’s office has also been ordered to compile a full and complete record of all of Zuma’s legal fees, and has also been ordered to use whatever means necessary to recover the funds from the former president.

Zuma told press men outside the court,  “I can’t afford to pay the legal fees, I am unemployed”