Murder has been the other of the day in South Africa, where innocent people are being killed unjustly all on the premise of racism which will take the country no where.

Lately farm murder is on the increase where farmers are being attacked, assaulted and even killed almost on the daily basis by some some unknown men in the society.

All these nefarious activities is to the detriment of the country and as well the agricultural sector because if these farmers killed it will affect the number of farmers who engage in food production and there by leading country into starvation as well the economy.

To these end, a black South African  man by name Conty Lebepe has advised white families to own guns in case.

He is of the opinion that it will curb  the incessant attacks on the whites.

South Africa is for all and no one owns it. No one have the right to kill or take any one’s life irrespective of color, race or religion.

“South Africa is a strong Nation. We are one rainbow nation”