In a public address to a section of South African voters, the former leader said he  wants the ANC to regain a two-thirds majority so they can change the constitution.

Speaking to a group of pensioners in KwaMashu, KwaZulu-Natal, former president Jacob Zuma campaigned for the ANC, telling his audience that the party is the only one that will not deliver “empty promises”, Sunday Sun reports.

Zuma acknowledged that there was dissatisfaction from some ANC supporters regarding some of the party’s leadership, but that the “anger” that would lead to ANC supporters not voting for the party is a “disease”.

“When they don’t like me, they’ll say we won’t vote for the ANC because Zuma leads it. We must love the ANC. We can’t take the ANC out of power just because we don’t like a certain leader or leaders,” he said.

“If we don’t like someone, we will remove him at a conference. I must not make the ANC lose just because I don’t like Zuma. Let’s vote for the ANC first and discuss Zuma later,” he said.

Zuma feels ANC supporters should not be disloyal as the party “fought for the country”, leading to some people dying or getting arrested.

“We can’t now vote for someone who never struggled,” he said.