The heartless men met their doom, just on the verge of carrying out another brazen attack on a farm.

Two robbers were arrested for allegedly having direct involvement in farm attacks on N1 between Modimolle and Mokopane.

The  farmers who they wanted to rob  had been constantly living with a heightened sense of vigilance, and felt that their family, and their neighboring farmers were constantly under threat. Both farmers were constantly on alert as word of these terrorist attacks quickly spread across the farming community.

We are glad these men were captured.

We are eager to see normalcy and law and order become the news article of the day in the months/years to come, but unfortunately black South Africans have been taken for a ride, and the ANC totsi’s have been entranced by corruption and hate, and are still driving the train…all whilst our dream of building a robust  economy are soon to be destroyed in a train wreck of massive corruption and patronage.