It has been reported that a top white South African Journalist has dragged the EFF to court over life threats.

News24’s editor-in-chief has opened a case of intimidation against an EFF supporter who threatened to kill him.
News24 editor Adriaan Basson on Friday  opened a case of intimidation against EFF supporter @tsk_tsheko for threatening to kill him.

@tsk_tsheko took to Twitter last week  threaten to slaughter “white animals” and to kill “people like” Basson.

The EFF supporter, “TshekoTsk”, who appears to be a devoted party member, has since deleted his tweet.

He was responding to a news article about Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andile Mngxitama’s call to kill white people over the weekend.

TshekoTsk said that although he had never agreed with Mngxitama on any issue before, this time he did, adding that “action” had to be devised to kill white people such as Basson, who has recently been very critical of the EFF leadership, particularly Julius Malema.

He told Basson directly, tagging him: “But for the first time I agree with him [Mngxitama], we must slaughter these white animals if they kill black Africans, actually we must come up with action to kill white people like you.”

Basson on Friday praised the SA Police Service for being “very professional” in helping him open the case, and said he would help them track down the EFF supporter.

A disappointed Basson, however, pointed out that the EFF had not condemned their supporter for his actions.