According to Mooirivier Beskerming, six armed suspects, armed with hand guns, knifes and other tools, gained entrance into the leaving room of two sleeping couples at Ngenya street, Baillie Park on 20 October 2018. The suspects gained access through a window (which they forced open) and surprised (the sleeping) victims.

It was further revealed that both victims, Albert John and Nanna Viviers, were badly assaulted and sustained mainly head injuries.

Fortunately Nanna managed to press the panic button, after which the suspects fled towards the Modderdam road.

Only  two cellphones and a wallet, nothing else was taken.

ER24 transported both victims to the hospital.

Nanna’s brother, Pierre Viviers, said the following on Facebook:

“What has our country come to. We are fortunate as tonight could have been much worse. You are not safe anymore. Nowhere. Not even in your bedroom behind locked doors. 6 men breaking in, beating my family with massive wrenches, tying them up and walking away with 2 phones?! Fortunately they fought back and managed to break free and hit a panic button. If that didn’t happen, the pictures could’ve been of a different nature instead of them merely beaten to a pulp. This is a wake up call. You hear and read about these things but never really understand until it happens to you. We are blessed that they walked away tonight, but what about the hundreds who don’t and thousands, no, millions of us who have to live in fear. This can not go on. Strongs Sussie en Albert !!”